Monday, November 25, 2013


We have an ice hockey team in Utah. The Grizzlies. According to my brother-in-law, Scott, who is a hockey player himself...the Grizzlies are more or less the minor leagues of the minor leagues. Considering we are a winter sport kind of state, I'm a little surprised we don't have a big NHL team here. I mean, our minor-minor league team plays in the arena where the ice hockey games were played during the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics! But nonetheless, we have the Grizzlies and they seem to have a loyal, albeit somewhat small, fan following. And it seems to be a big deal to sing the National Anthem at one of their games. Rebekah and her high school Madrigal group were invited to sing the anthem at a game recently and Lilian and I decided it might be fun to go hear them sing and stay to watch the game.
We invited my sister Melissa, her husband Scott and their daughter Maddy to come along. Which proved to be a great idea because not only did we enjoy their company, Scott was also able to give us all the ins and outs of hockey. There's a lot more that goes into a hockey game than you would think. (I was especially interested in the real reason behind all that fighting....)

When Rebekah was just a toddler, someone told me that she looked more like my sister Melissa, than me. What do you think? Because this girl is very much a "mini-me" in personality. And keep in mind, once upon a time before I started dying my hair I was also a blondie....

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