Monday, November 4, 2013

Pink Lightning

Lilian begged and pleaded for me to sign her up for soccer this year.
She insisted on a bright pink soccer ball.
Pink is her favorite color.
Mostly due to her love of the "Pinkalicious" books.
(Have I mentioned how tired I am of reading those "Pinkalicious" books?)
Lilian was hoping she would get a pink soccer uniform.
I told her it was unlikely.
So she was delighted when the soccer uniforms were indeed pink!
She suggested Pinkalicious for the team name.
The team settled on Pink Lightning.
She was only disappointed for about 5.2 seconds.
Lilian's enthusiasm level waned after the first couple of practices.
At the first game she only played one quarter.
And told her coach that she "hated soccer."
Luckily her coach laughed.
And I promised a trip to Yogotogo after every game if she would actually play.

Her enthusiasm began to re-grow little by little with each game.
She especially liked to play goalie.
And enjoyed wearing her bright pink fishnet "power gloves" her coach nicknamed them.
(Actually they're mine from the Electric Run.)
(She got kicked in the knee by a member of the opposite team as she tried to save the ball from going into the net. She cried a little. Her coach gave her a big hug and words of encouragement.)

According to her coach, Lilian grunts every time she kicks the ball.
(She says it's very cute, actually.)
She dances out on the field.
And sometimes her coach has to pick her up and physically put her in the spot she wants her to be.
Because Lilian is pretty clueless.
But she's improving.
I can see it.
We went to Yogotogo after every single game.
Even when the game was played in the cold and rain and we were already freezing.
And even though she got treats after every game already.
Holding me to my promise.
The fall season is done games till spring.
Amazingly, Lilian is sad about this.
She's come a long way.

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