Sunday, September 1, 2013

First day...

First day of school was somewhat momentous for everyone this year....

LILIAN started 1st grade at the elementary school. Which of course means an all day schedule and lunch at school (her favorite part, of course). She was ready. And I was ready for her to be ready! The only worry the two of us had was the bus ride home. Wanting to make sure she knew the correct bus to climb on, I met her at the school for 3 days straight where she would walk me out to the buses, pick out the right number and board. After all, she's only 6-years old....and doesn't have any older siblings at the school with her anymore. I'd heard too many horror stories of kids getting on the wrong bus....

BRANDON started school as a 7th grader at the jr. high. He attended "Thunder Camp" earlier in the orientation of sorts, and then also visited the school again a few days early to decorate his by the time the first day rolled around, he was pretty confident as to where each of his classes were and how to navigate around the school.

So far, his favorite class is art. He thinks his teacher, a man who is in a wheelchair and competed in the most recent Paralympics, is awesome. He also of course, loves his science class. Shocker.

1. English 7
2. P.E.
3. Science
4. Career/Tech Ed (CTE)
5. Math
6. Art
7. Keyboarding

REBEKAH and JULIANNE headed off to the high school on the first day of school. Rebekah as a mighty senior and Julianne, a sophomore...the school being completely new to her.

Two first day pictures because with the block schedule meaning that they only attend half their schedule each day, they more or less had two first days of school.

Interesting fun fact:
Rebekah "graduated" from her elementary school during its 1st year.
She graduated from jr high during the school's 50th year.
And she will graduate high school as part of the school's 100th anniversary.

Julianne's schedule:
1. World Civ.
2. Drivers Ed.
3. Math Honors
4. Seminary
5. French 4
6. Biology
7. English
8. Sophomore Musical Productions (theatre)
*Drivers we go again. Poor Rebekah will have to start sharing car access.
Another fun fact: Rebekah named the car "Clifford."

Rebekah's schedule:
1. U.S. Government and Citizenship
2. Seminary
3. Internship
4. Internship
5. Pre-Calculus Honors
6. Madrigals
7. Art 2
8. CE English
*Rebekah's internship has to do with elementary education and will have her heading back to Lilian's elementary school to intern for a 3rd grade teacher there.
Her English class is concurrent enrollment...she'll be getting college credit at Weber State University. She's also super excited, of course, about Madrigals....rumor has it they are going to Seattle on tour later in the spring. Maybe I'll have to volunteer myself as a chaperone....

And ME?
I'm free!!! I laughed when on facebook there were a few friends talking about how great it was that all their kids were in school full time...all of them still in elementary! I wanted to say, "You think you're doing the happy dance?? My oldest is a senior in high school! I've been doing this for 17 years. So when I say, 'Hallelujah, my kids are finally in school full time!'....let me tell you, I've earned it!!"

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Julie DeMille said...

Yep. I have a senior (not my oldest, but still), some in jr. high and elementary. It's such a great thing having them all gone. (Do I sound like a bad mom? I don't care.)