Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fairy House

Somewhat randomly, we decided today would be a rather perfect day to make a fairy house. Arming ourselves with only a somewhat vague picture in my head of what we were looking for, Julianne, Lilian and I scoured the aisles of Bennion Crafts hunting for little plants, little stones, little mirrors and other little fairy-like things.
And then entertained ourselves on the back porch for a few hours...going through a few different versions in a sort of trial and error sort of way as we got the whole thing put together.

And when I say we, I mostly mean Julianne because realistically, she was the creative force behind the thing....even if I came up with the idea to begin with.
And because Lilian and Julianne didn't always see eye to eye in terms of fairy house interior design... we made two.
Lilian decided on a beach scene...with the orange beads as the beach, and the moss as the waves. See the little beach house in the middle made of terra cotta pieces and and topped with a white crystal/stone? Yeah, she was proud of that thing....along with all her shells and fancy rocks.

We talked about the chickens potentially coming up to the deck and causing mischief with the fairy houses. Lilian put hers up on a little deck side-table to help protect it.

Well, clearly that didn't work.

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Heidi said...

Love those - so cute!
Btw... Happy belated birthday!!!! I hope it was a super fabulous, wonderful day. :)