Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Happiest 5k on the Planet

My kids don't tend to voluntarily run for fun. But I can usually convince them to do a 5k with me. Especially when it is one that is more about the atmosphere and experience rather than the actual running. And in this case, due to the fact that we took Lilian with us, it was more of a 5k walk than anything. But that's okay. Because anything that involves a whole lot of crazy color is a happy thing in my opinion.

The 5k was held in downtown Salt Lake City. Everyone starts out wearing white. Along the route you run through color stations where volunteers throw what I think is officially colored corn starch on you, at you and all around color per color station. So by the finish line you are a rainbow. And at that time you pull out your own packet of color and a full on color party ensues. Music and dancing and a whole lot of color throwing. It's happy stuff.
Lilian traversed a lot of the 5k route this way.....

Finish Line! Where Lilian opened up her packet of dark purple color and promptly dumped the entire contents of said packet on her head.

I scrubbed her hair three times in the shower with two different shampoos. She still ended up with light purple streaks for the next few days.

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Julie DeMille said...

Great pics! Those are some great memories for your girls!