Monday, September 2, 2013

Another one driving

A photo worth a thousand words?
Here's a few words anyhow.
But not a thousand.

She studied.
We went to the Drivers License Division of the DMV.
The place was jam-packed crowded.
We sat in the waiting area for over an hour.
When they called us to the desk they informed me that I couldn't use my city utility bill as my "proof of residency" because it had Bryan's name on it rather than mine.
They wouldn't take my word for it that he was my husband.
I was really annoyed.
Luckily the car registration in the glove box had my name on it.
Julianne passed the test in one try.
She was rather excited about those bragging rights.
Especially since it took Rebekah, well....more than once, to pass it.
I made her stop for this photo op.
I don't think she was mad about it.
Maybe just a little exasperated.
But I took Rebekah's picture when she passed.
Tradition, you know.

(Rebekah's learner's permit picture)


Julie DeMille said...

That picture is priceless!

MG said...

funny should see if they can put it on her license. I got a new one over there in Farmington...oh my goodness it took forever...then they didn't inform me i had to take the drivers test till after I had waited an hour plus. No way I was going to come back after studing so i winged it and passed my modified test of 20 questions. I guess if you have been driving in another state they figue you don't need all 50 questions. I don't have positive memories of DMV right now but your picture made me laugh. Happy driving adventures.