Friday, September 27, 2013

Snowball Effect

It started with Heather dating Erik. Wouldn't it be fun to get together...a double date of sorts?
{Erik and Heather}

But then why not invite Jay, who was Erik's roommate in college (the whole reason we met Erik to begin with) and who went to jr high and high school with us and just happens to live with his wife Lawon in my town?
{Lawon and Jay}

{Lawon, Jay, Sarah, Wendy}

And if we're going to invite Jay, then wouldn't it be fun to invite Quinton and Wendy seeing as Quinton and Jay were best friends growing up?
{Wendy, Quinton, Kori and Will}

And then of course Kami and Carlos, because Jay, Quinton, Kami and I were quite a foursome in 9th grade.
{Lori, Carlos and Kami}

And if Kami is coming then clearly we need to invite Lori and Jon and Chellie and Will just so we can round out the "Four Musketeers"....I mean, we've been friends since elementary school after all.
{Kami, Sarah and Lori}

{Chellie, Jon and Will}

And really, if we are going to meet Heather's new boyfriend, then we should definitely invite Alison and Joelle so we can meet their new boyfriends as well....Rich and Jeff, respectively.
 {Jeff and Joelle}

 {Alison and Rich}

{Sarah and Alison....and Alison and Heather}

But also Kori and Will because I didn't get a chance to really talk to them much at her mom's funeral and wouldn't it be fun to get all caught up?
{Kori and Will}

And also Christine and Brian which would kind of be like a mini madrigal reunion with Heather and Alison.
This is where Heather told me we should probably stop. Because each of us could surely come up with numerous names of high school friends and spouses to invite....but there's only so much square footage in my house.
 A Facebook message was sent gauging interest. Interest was even higher than I expected. We found a date, decided on food, and then other than Christine and Brian who had to bow out at the last minute for an unexpected conflict, everyone came.

We BBQ'd. We ate lots of good food. Some of the guys spent time out in Bryan's "man cave." Lots of chatter, hugs and laughter. Heather brought a DVD (converted from VHS...yes, we are that old) of pictures and video from our senior year, Class of '91. We reminisced and made fun of the fashion and hair styles.
It was a ridiculously fun night and I found myself hugely grateful for these people....the friendships I was not only able to forge with them when I was younger, but hang onto throughout the years! I hope we can do it again sometime soon!

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Heidi said...

You're a party animal!! What a fun night. :)