Thursday, September 26, 2013


I somewhat impulsively decided to take a tap class recently. Somehow I've made it through years of performing in multiple musicals without ever having had the opportunity to learn how. I blame it on my high school theatre department....who the very year after I graduated chose a tap-heavy show to perform for the school musical that year. After spending so much time teaching the kids to tap, they continued to choose taptastic musicals for the next few years so as to maximize that investment. Meaning my sisters know the fundamentals of tapping while I know nada. I mean really, can you imagine tap dancing nurses on the beach in South Pacific? Or tap dancing harem girls in Kismet? Doesn't quite work, does it? (Side note: I did learn a bit of belly dancing in Kismet. So at least there's that.)

Julianne has been taking tap classes for the past year at her theatre studio. She's been having a great time with it. So when they announced an adult class....a beginning adult class for those who have zero to very little tap experience....I decided to sign up. Just because. Shuffle-ball-change, Flap, Buffalo, Time Step.

Maybe it's a turning-40-midlife-crisis thing.....


Heidi said...

I have loved your last few posts because they show how much you enjoy and love life. And no... it's not because you're 40 that you're into all this stuff; it's because you're dang fun!

Shauna said...

I've always been a fan if tapping. It's so fun! And already knowing how gave me an edge when auditions for Anything Goes rolled around. It was an awesomely fun show to do!