Sunday, December 2, 2012

Meet Ama

Bryan surprised us recently by bringing home another parakeet to join our flock. This makes five altogether. And although they are messy and loud (we've become accustomed to the noise....others comment on it. Usually either, "Oh, what a happy sound!" Or "Heavens, how can you stand that constant high-pitched chirping???") we sure do love our little pets. If you remember, we actually did have five at one time, but our sweet Max died a little over a year ago. (See here.) Maybe Bryan felt it was time for a replacement? This new bird is solid yellow so Bryan named her Ama. Amarillo is spanish for yellow. And in spanish the word ama means he/she loves. So I believe he was thinking along the lines of "we sure do love our yellow bird" with his name choice. Max was also bright the choice of a yellow bird I think, was also a little bit sentimental.
                                        Left to right: Titi, Ama, Dren, River and Pepper

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Jewels said...

I always wanted to have birds, but I don't think I could handle the noise. They're so pretty!