Monday, December 3, 2012

A real tree!

I have a lot of fond memories wrapped around wandering around a tree lot with my family in the brisk December weather, looking for the perfect (ie: not too enormous and beautiful...and therefore expensive, but not Charlie Brown style either) Christmas tree. 

My children have never had that experience before. Our first few Christmases we had a real tree. But that was pre-children. And it was also pre-ownership of power tools. Which meant that I've never seen Bryan come closer to swear words as when he was trying to cut the bottom off the trunk of the tree and get the darn thing situated in the stand. We bought a fake tree (the one that is beautifully decorated and reigning over my living room this very day) when Rebekah was just 1-year old.

But I like to also have a tree in my basement. One that is more sentimental rather than perfectly coordinated....with colored lights and all the ornaments we've collected over the years. Gifts, ornaments handed down from when I was a child, homemade ornaments, etc. So last year when our other pre-lit fake tree refused to light and we unceremoniously tossed it in the dumpster, we knew this year we'd need something new. And what better excuse to try a real tree again?

Bryan rolled his eyes and groaned just a little bit when I explained my plans. I think the only reason he agreed was because I was so obviously delighted at the prospect....and he loves me. 

So we went to a tree lot and picked out a tree. A short, chubby one that the kids all agreed was "the one." Bryan's "best part of the night" came from the fact that the guy at the tree lot offered to cut the bottom of the trunk for us. We brought it home and put it in the stand. It took all 6 of us in various positions...a couple holding the tree from different sides, me underneath, a few more standing back to get a better get the tree in and up straight. Even still, I think it leans slightly. 

My hands are covered with sap and I have pine needles all over my floor....but it sure smells good! Only time will tell if this is a tradition we will keep or if another fake tree will be bought on clearance come after-Christmas sales. Can we even keep the darn thing alive? 

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Jewels said...

I got a second, (live) tree last year and LOVED it! The needles on the floor didn't even bother me. That smell brings back so many memories that I didn't want to take it down.
We have our fake tree up, but I'm hoping to add a live one again. It's a tradition that is worth it!