Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another week of Chester

Day 10: Brandon (Ooops....I mean Chester, of course) built a marshmallow fort to hang out in for the day.
Day 11: Chester in Spiderman mode. (Kind of looks like he's stalking the Holy Family...Julianne claims that it's creepy. Brandon said this was the best day yet. Hmmm.)
Day 12: While Chester was channeling Spidey, Lilian drew a picture of him and then placed it up on a tall shelf across from him so he could see it. (Every one together now..."awwwww.") So the next day she was delighted to discover that not only had Chester noticed her picture but wanted to spend the day looking at it more closely...
Day 13: Sunday morning. What better place to find Chester than reading from The Book of Mormon?
Day 14: Sneaky little elf blended right in with the colorful wreath and Christmas cards.
Day 15: I guess after all those days of playing with sticky marshmallows and doing snow angels in flour, Chester felt he needed a shower.
Day 16: What a little monkey, hanging from the kitchen chandelier!

This is kind of hard, trying to come up with a new and creative way to hide Chester each night! How do people do this year after year without recycling ideas? But poor Lilian is already broken up about the fact that in just a few more days, Chester will be done for the year. So I told her he'd be back next Christmas. "But that's too far away!!" I guess Chester has been a success in her eyes.


MG said...

I think andrea has recycled some of her ideas. The kids usually don't remember anyways.

Jewels said...

The shower one is my favorite!
(If you go on Pintrest, there are SO many websites with Elf ideas. You'd never have to repeat one!)