Thursday, December 13, 2012

A "hungry little girl" and "the mayor's oldest girl"

This girl on the left got swallowed by a wolf. And the one on the right...she danced the Shapoopie, egads! Yes, it's theatre time once again. Two different shows, two different characters. Julianne's class performed Into the Woods where Julianne played Little Red Riding Hood. Rebekah's class performed The Music Man where Rebekah played Zaneeta, the Mayor's oldest girl. The shows were performed "in concert" and were both on the same night, different times...which is how I was able to get a picture of them both in costume together. were taken on my iPhone so some grainy-ness and fuzzy-ness and general less-quality-than-had-I-brought-my-other-camera-ness.

-Whatayatalk, whatayatalk, whatayatalk, whatayatalk, whatayatalk?
-Ya can talk, ya can talk, ya can bicker, ya can talk, ya can bicker bicker bicker, ya can talk all you want but it's different than it was!
-No it ain't, no it ain't...but ya gotta know the territory!
 Wa Tan Ye

 "Now a woman who'll kiss on the very first date is usually a hussy. And the woman who'll wait till the second time round is anything but fussy. But a woman who'll wait till the third time around...head in the clouds, feet on the ground...She's the girl you're glad you've found. She's your shapoopi."

 Zaneeta: "Papa, please! It's 'Capulets' like you who make blood in the market place! Egads!!"
Mayor: "You watch your phraseology, young lady!"

 "One Grecian Urn, two Grecian Urns! And for a fountain...trickle, trickle, trickle, trickle..."

"Oh the Wells Fargo Wagon is a comin' down the street, oh please let it be for me!" 

And how I didn't get any pics of the biggest song of the show..."Seventy-six trombones led the big parade...." I'll never know. Actually, I think Rebekah was mostly in the back during that number so though I tried, I couldn't get a good shot of her.

This is the second time that Julianne has performed "Into the Woods" with an acting class. Back in 2009 she played the Baker's Wife. (See here) This time, Little Red Riding Hood. I had a harder time getting pictures of her. I was farther away, plus I kept getting an annoying shadow from the microphone on her face. So not as many great pics as I got of Rebekah...but I did get a video.

Julianne sings this song just after the Baker frees her from the Wolf's tummy....

To watch on youtube, click here

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Mary said...

Beauty and Talent. They must take after you! Love those girls.