Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Sunday

Documenting  Christmas Sunday finery is a time honored tradition at our house. I have pictures each year of the kids in their new Christmas clothes. Only problem...the older kids don't care so much about fancy, frilly Christmas clothes anymore. But the tradition lives on...with Lilian front and center, the camera all to herself. Doesn't she look beautiful?

More Lilian camera hogging...but only because her siblings were busy watching Lord of the Rings with their dad and weren't overly interested in making cookies. At least until their movie ended. Then they were completely amenable to decorating a few with frosting and sprinkles. (Julianne fell asleep and missed both the movie and the cookie baking. She was less than pleased...)

And the evening ended with our most beloved of Christmas traditions...sleeping "under" the Christmas tree. We pulled out the new Christmas's only one day early...

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