Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkins and spiders

I had visions of taking the whole family to the pumpkin patch. Because believe it or not, even my teenagers still think it is fun to hunt for the perfect pumpkin. But after waiting and delaying and trying to get everyone's schedules to align...I finally just bagged it. Grabbed Lilian when she walked in from Kindergarten and took advantage of a slight break in the rain to hit the patch closest by. The two of us still had a good time...even if we did have to hurry so as to get back home before the rain clouds opened up again. (Not that I'm complaining...because that rain was truly glorious!)

We've been doing some Halloween decor at our house. Beyond the traditional stuff we always pull out, this year we added a bit to the front porch. Big, hairy spiders with an equally big spider web. Normally we prop up a corn stalk with our pumpkin display in that corner, but this year it didn't seem to fit. So the pumpkins got piled into and on top of the garden pot. Mostly because since my little pine tree died, I have an empty pot sitting on my front porch and it just looks like it needs something....

And we made a little grave yard. Complete with orange lights (that normally wrap around that now-dead, little pine tree). Halloween is big stuff in my neighborhood and on the actual spooky night, it's like walking around a Halloween-themed carnival. I don't know if you would classify our new yard display as joining in on the fun....or keeping up with the Jones'. Maybe that's the same thing? And truthfully, our nod to Halloween doesn't even compare to some of our neighbors. A sneak peak:
This picture from last year doesn't really do it justice...there is so much more to the yard than I'm showing here. And don't even get me started on the house that has a different theme each Halloween. This year....Harry Potter! I can't wait! 


Mindy said...

I love those spiders, they are so cute! Where did you find them?

Sarah@The Best Stuff said...

I got the spiders and the web at Target.