Sunday, October 14, 2012

Before and After: hall bathroom

Working on some before and afters in a few different rooms of the house. First up....the hall bathroom.

We bought this shower set...curtain and matching towels...for our very first house in Magna. Seventeen years ago! And it matched the white and black diamond tile floor in the bathroom absolutely perfectly. It continued to be quite serviceable throughout the four years in Magna, the eight years in Centerville, and now five years here in our current house. But despite the fact that it is still holding up remarkably well....well, is it okay to admit that after seventeen years I'm getting a little tired of it?

Light, bright and color...that's what I was hoping to bring to the hall bathroom.


I swapped out the browns, blacks, and oranges for white, turquoise, green and yellow. It's so much brighter in there now! This is the bathroom that gets used primarily by Lilian. If you slide back the shower curtain you'll see all manner of bath toys and most likely a dirty ring around the tub. And realistically, it's only a matter a couple of days before there will be toothpaste in the sink, water marks on the mirror and dirty handprints on the white hand towel. But for the moment, at least, doesn't it look nice?


Mary said...

I do like the new shower curtain. Don't you love to have little make-overs! What fun.

Jewels said...

I love the change!
And, why do they always get toothpaste on the sink?