Thursday, October 25, 2012


Yeah...I know I promised the second half of the Homecoming pics quite awhile ago. (Getting ready for the big dance....see here.) Shall we chalk it up to better late than never? I'm starting to feel some serious pressure....the girls choice Halloween dance is this weekend. And I'm thinking it's probably best to get Homecoming flowers and finery posted and done before I start snapping pictures of coordinated Halloween costumes.

Big high school date dances such as Homecoming are now a full weekend event rather than just the actual dance evening. Beyond just dinner and the dance, you have to have a "day activity." So Friday late afternoon the crew headed out for a hike up Ensign Peak overlooking downtown SLC. The Homecoming football game was next. (I believe the team won...which is always a nice thing when it's Homecoming.) And then off they went for dessert at Hunter's house.

The next morning Rebekah was picked up at 8:30 AM (on a Saturday...gasp!) and whisked off for an early breakfast. The rest of the day was hers to primp and preen, paint nails and curl hair. And in our case...make a mad dash to the mall for some appropriate Cinderella shoes.

All dressed up in her sparkle and glitter, Rebekah was ready and waiting when Hunter came to the door looking all sorts of dashing, flower in hand. They did the whole boutonniere/corsage exchange admirably...especially seeing as it was the first time for both of them. (I gave Rebekah a little tutorial before Hunter arrived seeing as her task was a little harder than his, now that all corsages tend to come with a pinning required.) Rebekah tells me that once at the dance there were two options....a DJ playing top 100 songs in the commons area, or a live jazz band in the gym. I was pleased and proud of their good taste when Rebekah told me her group preferred the live band. A good time was apparently had by all and the evening ended with some games and fondue at Hunter's house after the dance. Our Cinderella arrived home just before midnight...what a perfect Prince Charming Hunter was to our Rebekah in getting her back by curfew.

Within a few days the Cinderella dress was returned and Rebekah had already asked a boy to the Halloween dance and was awaiting his answer. And so it goes.... 


Mindy said...

That is awesome! We are apparently planning the Christmas dance at our house (since we miss the Harvest dance by like 5 days) Should be fun!

Jewels said...

I love the group picture and all those modest dresses!