Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Before and After: master bedroom

I've got another before and after for you. This bedroom.

Because in the master bedrooms in both this house and our previous one we've had a bay window, I've spent a good 10 years matching my bedroom decor to this greenish couch. Thankfully I've had a lot of luck finding bedspreads, comforters and pillows that matched over the years....I think I've gone through at least three sets. It looked nice, yes? But heaven help me, I am SO OVER IT! Green and brown, be gone already! Bryan brought home a completely white comforter a few months ago and that was the impetus that started the whole transformation. White, cream and grey....with turquoise as an accent color and a little black thrown in here and there, mostly in the way of little details and frames.

 The view from the doorway...

Swapped out the lamps, got some new throw pillows and blankets. Even hung curtains!!!! An explanation of the exclamations....I didn't think I'd be able to hang curtains in my room, what with the bay window making it more or less impossible for anything other than blinds or (eventually) shutters there. But thanks to a friend who alerted me to a design blog with pics of a master bedroom window set up like mine...I realized that I could at least hang them in the two windows that flank the bed. I originally thought that might be strange...but, nope! So yay!
Spending money on a new couch, only because the old one was being tossed solely on the basis of being "so over it," seemed a little too decadent. I originally bought a cream-colored cover and threw some grey and turquoise pillows on it...but didn't like how it looked. Regardless, there it stayed for a few months. How happy I was then, to find these slipper chairs for a much cheaper price than I was expecting to spend on Overstock! (I love Overstock. Just saying. The curtains came from there as well.) And don't you love the little table? It's officially called a "garden stool" apparently, and I've been seeing them around design blogs and decor stores for awhile now. I always liked the look of them but couldn't really figure out where I would put one and for what use it would serve other than to look pretty. After I got the chairs put together and in place I started wondering about a side table. And then inspiration struck! (haha...sarcasm.) I do love how pretty it looks....but also how it conveniently holds whatever book(s) I'm in the middle of at the moment. Believe it or not, I'm also liking two chairs in the bay window better than one couch. It's my new favorite spot. I sit there (I prefer the left chair for some odd reason) with my book, my laptop, my phone. I feel like I'm tucked into my bay window and it becomes my bubble of calm.
And admission...the dresser usually holds gobs of Bryan's "stuff." I cleaned it off for the picture. Just being real. And just like I tend to veg in the bay window...Bryan's spot is the corner between the dresser and window. I usually leave a pillow or two over there so he can lay on the floor. (Which he does almost every day after work to de-stress.) Now he claims it'll be harder, what with the floor-length curtains in the way. Working on that....

And to be completely honest...Bryan isn't the only one with "stuff." Mine usually ends up in piles on the floor next to my side of the bed and bedside table. Just so you know.
Special thanks goes to:, West Elm, Home Goods and Target.  (haha)
My next project...still trying to get a gallery wall going at the bottom of the stairs. I've been buying frames here and there the past year or so. Just need to decide on some pictures and DO IT!

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