Friday, October 5, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday: Cousin Make-over

July 2011

Lilian adores having cousins close to her age. And luckily for her, she has scads of them on both mine and Bryan's side of the family. This is Lara, Kevin and Kari's daughter. Summer 2011 all five of their children stayed with us for a couple of days while Kevin and Kari celebrated an anniversary or birthday. (Can't remember which.) Anyhow, Julianne and Rebekah decided to do a "make-over" and photo shoot with the younger girls (Lilian, Lara and Kaitlyn) to keep them entertained. And though I'm not a big proponent of young kids wearing make-up....don't they look cute in a dress-up sort of way? (Kevin and Kari's children have the most amazingly beautiful eyes, don't you think?)


Melissa@thebblog said...

Maddy went to school with the tiniest bit of gold eye shadow today. I tried to be crafty and swipe the color on the applicator but then run the opposite, clean side along her eyelid. Sneaky girl called my bluff "mom, i don't think you did it right, I can't see that color"

Croft Family said...

They do have beautiful eyes. Thanks for posting these. I love them!! And thanks again for watching them so we could get away for the weekend.