Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Texting totals

The phone bill arrived yesterday.  While he had everyone's attention at the dinner table, Bryan delivered the news of the texting totals...lowest to highest:

Bryan: 70
Sarah:  209
Julianne:  717
Rebekah:  3,391  (!!!)

Rebekah's total averages out to something like 10 texts every hour, 24/7 for the entire month.  I think it was an eye-opener for her...

Okay...I love texting.
It's how I communicate with members of my various carpools.
I schedule and get reminders of my voice lessons.
I get texts from Brandon's gymnastics coaches.
Bryan and I text back and forth when he is out of town.
I text the girls with messages or reminders when they are at school knowing that they will check and respond at lunch or in between classes.
It's the only way to get ahold of some of my neighbors...they may not answer their phone but they will ALWAYS respond to a text.
I've had neighbors ask if Lilian can come over for a play date and neighbors ask if either of my daughters can babysit through texts.
Texting is awesome.

My texting tends to be primarily of an informational sort of usage whereas my teenage daughters' texting is more conversational.

And while I remind myself that as a teenager I used to spend hours and hours TALKING on the phone and that texting is, in essence, the same thing for their generation....still!!  Bryan and I are debating what kind of restrictions we may have to put on the girls' cell phones.


MG said...

I have no problem with texting but the kids don't know how to have conversations it seems to me. I try and talk with a lot of different teenagers and they are terrible at communication. Not to mention grammar and punction have gone away. My nephews don't punctuate, everything is a acronym, and I can hardly read their emails from their mission. Come on I know the English teacher doesn't put up with that.

Lori said...

We did talk a lot on the phone when we were kids, but Sarah, you were also the writer of the group. 'Notes' from you were as full as your phone calls. You should teach the girls a thing or two about writing with pen on retro...and then a silly fun way to fold the pages and slip them into their friends' lockers! It will TOTALLY make their day! Heck...make it the new trend right up there with Planking!

Sarah@The Best Stuff said...

You know what Lori, Julianne does that! She and her friends write each other silly notes and fold them in funky ways just like we did. She and one her friends just spent last Friday night decorating boxes they could put their handwritten notes in. :) Julianne also writes a note or prints out some sort of inspirational quote or picture every single day for another one of her friends who suffers from low self-esteem. So apparently, despite the high texting totals of teenagers these days, the art of handwriting notes isn't completely dead...