Monday, December 19, 2011

Shopping with my girls

These beautiful teenage daughters of mine went Christmas shopping with me on Saturday.  Did you catch that?  We went to THE MALL on the last Saturday before the Christmas weekend.  Needless to say, it was crowded.  But my expectations (and worries) in regards to crowds and hassle were not met so I was happy.  Even if I did stand in the check-out line at American Eagle far longer than I would've liked.

Strangely enough, this shopping trip was for the girls to pick out gifts for themselves.  Before you think I'm a lazy and thoughtless Christmas shopper, let me explain.  Because clothes were what they were wishing for and because they have to try them on for fit (and don't necessarily trust me to pick out what they like...despite the fact that I think I'm pretty on target for fashion and style)...they insisted on coming with me.  They won't have many surprises under the Christmas tree...nah, this year it's all about anticipation.  I can't even tell you how many times I've told Rebekah that she may NOT wear the Toms (shoes) that we bought for her.  She has to wait until CHRISTMAS!  So excitement is still high because even if they helped pick out the great majority of their gifts, on Christmas they get to actually take ownership of them.
We bought neither the scarf nor the jacket being modeled and debated in these pictures.  We did find a new favorite store, though, and as well as buying the majority of the girls' clothes there, I also bought myself a new skirt.  ( wasn't on my shopping list.)


Sarah said...

How fun! What was the favorite store? :)

sami said...

Forever 21!! Love love love that place. Your girls are growing up!! So beautiful, they take after their mom (:

Sarah@The Best Stuff said...

Our new favorite is Bohme. Never shopped there before. Great stuff!! And not as pricey as I had expected.

MELISSA said...

Love that top picture. makes me think about my sweet sisters and how sisters should be close like that - emotionally and physically:)