Friday, December 16, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday: Wedding Prep

Bryan and I got engaged March 21, 1993...which meant that by April I was fully immersed in planning a wedding that was scheduled to take place in mid-July.  Weekends home from college were jam-packed as I tried to fit in dress shopping and decisions on invitations, reception centers and flowers along with homework and precious time with my fiance.  This is a picture of my sister Katie...who is 18 months younger than me and a senior in high school at the time...and myself pouring over a wedding magazine.  My day planner and brochures from various wedding service businesses also spread out across the table...ah, it was an exciting time.  And though my 19-year old self made some decisions then that my older self would never make now (realistically, what woman doesn't want a dress do-over?) I immensely enjoyed putting my beautifully perfect wedding together.


Heather said...

I remember how excited we both were at that time! Your pic and post bring back some great memories... but I do have to say(and don't hate me for it), I don't wish I had a dress do-over, but that is only because I had the opportunity to try on a bunch of dresses and pick and choose the aspects of each dress I liked, and then we designed it into a dress I was perfectly happy with. (Darn, if I could only still fit into it :-( I think my rib cage expanded after having kids). You know, I love looking at pics of your wedding, even if you would go back and choose a different dress, you looked perfectly happy and exquisitely beautiful on your big day. I'm glad I got to be a part of it!

Jewels said...

That picture reminds me of a time when you could find modest dresses in the bridal magazines.
(I love the picture of your little Lillian with the stickers!)

Sarah@The Best Stuff said...

Doesn't look any different at all! You look much younger, though.