Tuesday, December 13, 2011

See this picture?

See that snow?  See that big blue dumpster?  See my truck half way into the street?

It's snowing.  And I'm thrilled about that.  Completely, totally, and enthusiastically thrilled.  Because I am a sucker for winter and especially snow.  (Yeah, I know...I'm weird that way.)

But I still have to park my truck outside.

Because though the garage is now totally enclosed from our truck-meet-garage encounter of 6 weeks ago...the contractors still have to put up the drywall on the inside.

So the dumpster is still in our driveway making it impossible to pull into the garage.

Which also means that I have to scrape my car of ice each morning...or in today's case, snow.

Can you see that spot in the driveway where there is NO snow...just wet?

That's where I parked 5 minutes ago.

It's hard to tell from this picture but my driveway is a pretty good hill...enough so that sometimes I have to put the truck into 4-wheel drive just to get into the garage when we have a lot of snow.

Today, the snowy, hilly driveway apparently caused my truck to slide back down into the street after I had gone into the house.

I guess it's a good thing I looked out the window.

And yes...this time I put on the parking brake.  (Why I didn't think of that earlier, I don't know.)

When, oh when is our garage going to be truly finished???

(Oh...something else you noticed? Yes...those are in fact Bryan's 40th birthday balloons from last Friday still hanging limply from my lamp post.)


MELISSA said...

oh goodness!! That's scary. good thing it didn't get up any speed and end up across the street or in the middle of the road. Are your tires bald? Also, I love that you went for the camera BEFORE moving the car out of the street . . . I'm sure the camera was just right there and you were on your way out the door while taking the photo right? :)

MG said...

That is scary. You are very patient, I would be calling the contractor a lot to hurry up. We had a steep driveway in Ohio and had to shovel everytime to get in the driveway..I miss 4 wheel drive. After my SUV died I got saddled with a mini mav.

Sarah@The Best Stuff said...

Brand new tires, actually. Just slippery snow on a hilly driveway. The parking break is now holding nicely. I think it was a slow slide...but yeah, can you imagine if it had built up more speed? It would've run into a fire hydrant! I can just see myself calling up the auto body shop again..."I know you just worked over the front of my truck, can you now rebuild the back end??" They already thought my whole truck through the garage story was hilarious.

Sarah@The Best Stuff said...

And yes, my camera actually was sitting next to my camera in the computer room/study so it was easy to grab. That taking a picture was my first thought...I guess that's just how my brain works. :)

MELISSA said...

Blogs certainly have made us take a different outlook on less than optimum situations. instead of getting frustrated, often we say "oh, I have to get a picture of this for my blog!"