Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Roses = Smiles

I was grumpy yesterday. Really grumpy. Nothing seemed to be going my way. Brandon throwing up at school and needing to be checked out early? Yeah...didn't see that coming. He seemed fine when he woke up. Someone turning off my oven while I was baking a casserole for the that after 40 minutes after supposed "cooking" the meal was still raw? That about reduced me to a frantic puddle of frustrated tears. Or maybe my problem is that I'm hormonal. Yeah. In hindsight that's probably it. But. When I was at the store yesterday (not at all happy to be there since I had done my big shop the day before...) I saw these huge, fat, gorgeous roses. And in my hormone befuddled mind I decided that they would make me happy. So I bought them. And put them in a vase next to my bed. And you know what? They have made me smile every time I have walked into my bedroom. Maybe today things will go a little better.


Mary said...

I had a pretty crappy day yesterday too. Maybe I should buy me some roses! They sure are pretty!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had a ruff day. Sorry! Flowers do that to me too.