Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gem State Invitational

Brandon had a meet in Boise...well, Meridian, actually...this past weekend. It was his first out of state meet and was definitely bigger and a bit more prestigious than the home grown meets we've been doing. Teams from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, Utah and Idaho were all there. We drove up Thursday afternoon with my cousin Camilla and her son Davis in tow. The whole team was staying at the same hotel so for Brandon it was like some big sleepover with all his teammates. They all went swimming Thursday night and ate breakfast together Friday morning. Lots of laughing. This team is like a family and all get along remarkably well. They help each other and cheer each other on. When someone finishes a routine, they all jump up to give him a hug, knuckles or a pat on the back. The older level boys will come early to a meet just to hang out with the younger boys who are competing, to give them moral support....which means the world to Brandon because he looks up to them so much. These boys have some serious team unity going on and it's awesome to watch.
Brandon did well at this Gem State Invitational. His injured chest is healing and didn't bother him as much this time. And even though he is still not healed quite 100%, he won 4th place all around in his division and as a level 5 team, they won 1st place.
Next weekend: the Blackjack Meet in Las Vegas.

Watching TV and hanging out with Davis in the morning before breakfast.

Running in when their team was announced at the beginning of the meet.

1st place for the level 5 team!!! (Brandon is the one holding the plaque.)

Brandon and Davis with their coaches Gabe and Adam. Brandon absolutely adores these guys. They push him, they can be stern with him when they need to be. But they also very obviously, in word and action, love him. And Brandon lives to make them proud.


Mary said...

Love the pictures. It looks like they had a great time. I'm glad Brandon found something that he loves and that he's good at! Way to go!

Croft Family said...

All I can say is "AWESOME"

Camilla said...

We had a FABULOUS time with you guys. Thanks to Brandon for being such a great example to Davis. LOVE YOU!