Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our handsome gymnast

Is this a handsome boy or what? Not only does he have some serious gymnastics moves, you should see his six-pack! He is one buff kid! He's competing at level 5 this year. He has 2 hour workouts 4 times a week...and he absolutely loves it. His first meet for the season is in a week and a half. Unfortunately, he injured himself at his workout yesterday afternoon. A strained chest muscle? An out of place rib? We're not quite sure yet what is wrong but he is in a lot of pain and we're watching him closely. Whatever it is, I'm sure some rest and time off is in order. He has worked so hard and has been so excited about these upcoming meets! I hope this injury doesn't sideline him for long.
Brandon loved this action shot at first. But since bringing it home, he's continually bugged by the fact that his knee is bent. :)


Mindy said...

Great pictures! Hope he feels better soon.

Katie said...

Wow! He is looking very grown up and very handsome! I still can't believe that he can do all that stuff. What a kid!

Mary said...

I thought it was rather funny that he's bugged about that bent knee! Shows how good he is. Wish we could watch him in action some time. I bet he's great!