Thursday, January 20, 2011

Randomness of the past few days.

*Had lunch with my sweet soprano friends and sisters on Monday.
*Bought new phones for the house...our other ones were cutting out on me in the middle of conversations, not holding a charge and more or less just infuriating me.
*No cavities for Rebekah at the dentist. But braces may be in her near future.
*Julianne went snowboarding for the first time. Results of which included x-rays on her wrist to determine if it was fractured because of a fall. Just a sprain. Splint, ice and ibuprofen are her constant companions.
*Brandon went skiing. He didn't fall and hurt anything. But he is still on ibuprofen 24/7 for his injured chest muscles/ribs. I think he is getting better. Boise meet coming up in a week and a half...
*New semester started. Rebekah dumped Geography and Computer Tech and replaced them with T.A. and Social Dance. Julianne gets Utah Studies and Art replacing P.E. and Choir.
*Amaryllis and paper whites are growing. Plants make me happy. I wish I didn't kill them so often.
*Found a few new recipes that I'm anxious to try out for dinner. I wish I liked to cook more.
*Got all excited about setting up a new excersize and diet log on-line. Now if only I could get myself out of bed to do a work-out so I actually had something to log.
*Lilian is having more timeouts lately...the result of more screaming temper tantrums. I don't love this. Good thing I do love HER.
*Have a horrible feeling that I accidentally deleted months worth of pictures off my computer. Hoping and praying that Bryan has them backed up. I think he does.
*Saw "Born Yesterday" at Hale Centre Theatre with my sisters, mom and friend Linda. Having season tickets is awesome.
*Had lunch with Rebekah. Talked about boys. I love that she likes to share stories and experiences, concerns and excitements with me.
*Haven't seen much of Bryan this week. Long hours. I miss him.

*A picture for those of you (Dad) who feel like a post must always include something to look at besides just words... :)

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MELISSA said...

I'm glad Rebekah is taking social dance -i think she'll love it. what class is she a TA for? How can Julianne give up choir for a whole semester? I think i'd die. Love you all.