Friday, January 7, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday: Hippies

My cousin Tom found this picture recently as he was going through some old things. It's a picture from 1972. Those are my parents in the middle! Depending on what part of 1972...they are either engaged or newly married. My Dad's siblings, Mike and Shannon, are also in the picture.
Tom's take on the picture:
" I was going through those old slides of Grandpa's that Dad scanned. Look like in 1972, some hippies got hold of the camera and took this picture of their festivities. Those crazy hippies and their mumu's and Louis L'Amour paperbacks. Man, the past was sure a weird place!" :)

We all got a hearty laugh out of the picture. But honestly, I think they look great! And I think my Dad still has that hat....


Mindy said...

You look a lot like your mom! Cute!

Mary said...

Wow that glasses and the hat! Gotta love it!