Thursday, August 5, 2010


I do this a lot. Weekly. Bi-weekly even, sometimes. Don't I look cool (not) with those monster ear phones? Ear buds don't do the trick. The mower is just too loud. But with these noise cancellation ear phones I can hardly hear the mower. And the music makes the mowing so much more enjoyable. Something to even look forward to sometimes.

I edge too. I've decided I have a love/hate relationship with my string trimmer. I love how it makes my yard look...but I hate IT. I feel like I'm a pretty capable person when it comes to yard work but I struggle mightily to get the string in my trimmer to unspool the way it is suppose to. And so I have to stop every few minutes to take the darn thing apart and pull more string out. And when I'm already irritable from heat...sometimes "colorful" language accompanies my efforts. But it's worth it. Because I am driven absolutely crazy by grass growing up the side of my fence or hanging over my sidewalk. It's one of my pet peeves.

Today Bryan and I spent some time adjusting various sprinklers. This interest in our sprinkling system was brought on by the need to replace one of our sprinkler heads. Which was brought on by my running over it with the lawn mower a few days ago. Sigh. Hopefully the adjustment of the various sprinkler heads will result in the greening up of a few dry, yellow spots in our lawn. But it could just be from the fact that everyone in our town has been struggling with lower water pressure this summer. A result of some on going water-pipe-buried-in-road-construction. In which case all the sprinkler head adjustment won't help a bit. Time will tell. I'm grateful for all the rain this past week. It helps.

But the rain? It also helps my morning glory to grow. And have I mentioned how much I hate-despise-abhor-loathe morning glory? Well...maybe that's a story for another day.

I'll leave you with a collage of pictures Julianne took recently of odds and ends in our yard...


Mary said...

Very cool photography by Julianne. I really like the bottom center picture. Very creative.

If it makes you feel any better, I'm having trouble with my weed-eater too. What a pain.

DD said...

I'm with Mary: very cool photography, Julianne. And I really like that hosta plant of your's. What pretty light edging on the leaves. Sarah, you got your love/hate yardwork ethic from Daddy. He does feel good about having a spruced up yard.

MELISSA said...

cool collage Julianne! I'm proud of you Sarah. I'll mow but the gas edger Scott has it just to hard to get going so we leave the tall grass in places. And with an unfinished yard like I have anyway, does edging really make that much difference?