Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday in the park with the kids

It was only 79 degrees this afternoon. And to celebrate, we got a bucket of KFC and went to the park. (Side note #1: why is it officially now KFC and not Kentucky Fried Chicken? Easier? Just wondering.)

Julianne brought her new wave board. She is remarkably talented on the thing.
Brandon brought his somewhat new roller blades. He's freakishly fast on those wheels.

I had a huge and long conversation with one of my neighbors...all texted....about play group and pre-school. (Side note #2: Lilian calls pre-school "Pretty school." How cute is that?)

While I was alternating between texting and napping, Lilian was apparently rummaging through my purse. Maybe her sisters can teach her the correct way to apply lip gloss.

With the sun beating down just the right amount of heat and a slight breeze blowing, it was all too easy to doze off for a few minutes.

Pretty Julianne suggested that a good ending to our lovely park afternoon, would be to stop at DQ on our way home. Actually, DQ is not on our way home. It is quite out of our way. But we decided that the thought of blizzards, parfaits and shakes made the longer drive worth it. (Side note #3: Why is it officially now DQ instead of Dairy Queen? Easier? Just wondering.)


Mary said...

Oh, looks relaxing! What bliss.

Katie said...

Love the last picture of Julianne. What a beautiful girl she is! I don't know about DQ, but I think KFC changed their name so it didn't sound so unhealthy--Kentucky FRIED Chicken.