Friday, August 6, 2010

Favorite Photo Friday: D.C.

I went to Washington D.C. with my sisters Rachel and Melissa back in April of 2004. Me being the history geek that I am, I was in heaven! Museums and monuments, bits of American history lurking around every corner. But the highlight of the entire trip was visiting Thomas Jefferson's house, "Monticello". Which, I suppose if you're going to get technical, is not in D.C. It's officially in Charlotesville, Virginia. But whatever. Details, details.
Rebekah is in D.C. this week. I hope, hope that a trip to "Monticello" makes it's way into their sightseeing plans. Because it truly is worth visiting.


MELISSA said...

I think my favorite part of Monticello ("sello" or "chello"?) what that georgous, beautiful building!! I would love to live there. And remember all the book inside everywhere?

April said...

Oh! I am still kicking myself that we never got to visit Monticello. Can you believe it, we lived there 3 years and didn't get a chance to go. Albeit most of those years were me pregnant and on bedrest or dealing with the twins, but still, we should have gone. We'll be home there again someday and I'll make sure we go! Thanks for the reminder! I hope Rebekah had fun!