Friday, August 13, 2010

Favorite Photo Friday: Amateur photo shoot

I've spent numerous days over the past couple of weeks school shopping with these kids. Relaxed fit jeans for Brandon, skinny jeans for Julianne. A one strap backpack for Brandon, a cool messenger type bag for the girls. Bras for the girls, more and more socks for Brandon. Tennis shoes for Brandon, Converse and slip-ons for the girls. Graphic tees for all the kids. (Brandon says "absolutely NO polo shirts...) New glasses for Julianne...ones that she will deem cute enough to actually wear in class. A cute vest for the ones all her friends are wearing.
Target, ShopKo, Kohls, Aeropostale, Vanity, Payless Shoes, JC Penney, Justice.

They are growing up so amazingly fast. Sometimes it's nice to look back at pictures like this and remember when they were still little. Summer 2002.

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MELISSA said...

oh, I adore that picture. I remember that like it was yesterday!