Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Sarah's Shrine" (as dubbed by Bryan)

Years ago my parents had this big "Gloria" poster framed. It's been hanging in my house ever since. And I've often thought, especially recently, that it would be fun to add some posters/programs from other shows that I've been in. Yesterday was the day that I finally put it all together. I'm so incredibly pleased with how it turned out. A big chunk of my free time is represented on that wall. Not everything is up there. I suppose I could've added covers from CD's that I've sung on. There are various other concerts sung with other choirs that aren't represented...
But anyhow, here are the bigger ones and here's a little description of what's up there...

"Gloria"... Written by Lex de Azevedo. We recorded it in 1999...and then have performed it numerous times yearly since then, mostly notably in Jerusalem but also all over Utah, Idaho and California. This picture, and the one on the framed advertisement poster are from Jerusalem.

"Hosanna"...written by Lex de Azevedo. We recorded it in 2000...and then have performed it numerous times yearly since then. Millennium Choir did go to Jerusalem to film "Hosanna" as well but I was newly pregnant with Brandon and, although heartbroken, opted not to go. This picture was taken from a performance in the Crystal Cathedral in California.

"Fiddler on the Roof" 2003. I performed the part of Chava, Tevye's youngest daughter, in this production with the Sandy Arts Guild. And yes, that is my sister Katie standing next to me. She played the part of Hodel.

Mozart's "The Magic Flute" in 2005. I joined the Utah Light Opera Company as part of the ensemble for this show. It was the first time I ever sang opera.

"Pirates of Penzance" 2009. Seeing that this has been one of my all time favorite musicals since I was a kid, I was so excited to not only be in the show but play the lead role of Mabel in this production with Syracuse Arts Council. Oh my, it was a blast!!

"Power In His Touch" 2010. An independent production not really associated with any specific theatre or city art council. I helped record the soundtrack way back in 2000 so it was a lot of fun to actually perform the show this year. And especially enjoyable was doing the show with Julianne. (Don't you think that I look like I'm about to sneeze in this picture?) :)

Obviously I'm hoping to do more shows in the future so my plan is to eventually maybe add two more frames and then rotate out the older shows for newer ones as the years go by.


Greg & Dlora said...

I did not think you were about to sneeze until you mentioned. Crumb. Now it will always look like that to me! Mommy

MELISSA said...

That's really cool! I don't think I'd have as many to put up there - at least not big things that I had a part in. Like -Fiddler I was in but not a role big enough to warrent a memorial entry!

Sarah said...

Notice I didn't put up "Into the Woods".... :)