Friday, March 26, 2010

Julianne amplified

We had dress rehearsal for "Power In His Touch" last night. A long 7 hour rehearsal that got us home around 12:30 AM this morning. Shocking as it may seems, me being the stickler about school and all, I let Julianne sleep in this morning and go to school late. She was exhausted! But see this picture? This is Julianne last night with her bangs pulled up, her hair sprayed brown, and wired up to a body mic. She has a little solo in one of the songs half-way through Act I. Can I tell you how thrilled she is about that body mic? She did NOT want to take it off! Luckily she gets to wear it four more times.

Just FYI in case anyone is interested: for ticket information. Tonight and tomorrow we are at the Peery Egyptian Theatre. April 5-6 we are at the Rose Wagner. I really think it will be an amazing show...a wonderful way to feel the Easter spirit.


Croft Family said...

I think we are going to try and come see the one next week. I'm sure you and Julianne are wonderfull in it.

MELISSA said...

I love it. I had to (got to) wear a mic in "Into the Woods" and I felt so important - all those mic checks each night, wiring the receiver down my back and on my shorts - what fun the theater is. I'm proud of her getting a solo!