Saturday, May 17, 2014

Julianne performs

Theatre and music fill Julianne's soul in a different way than just about anything else I've seen. Books, friends, the gospel...these things feed her as well. But when she comes home from an audition or performing in some kind of play or concert, or even as an audience member for that matter, she is lit up like a Christmas tree. So it is no surprise that she tends to gravitate to and fill her days with these kinds of things. And if I may say so...she's also quite good. And I can say that, because not only am I her mother and therefore allowed a bit of parental bias...but I also feel that with my own background in theatre and music, I am capable of lending an honest and experienced opinion. And I really do feel that Julianne is very talented.
But leaving all of that behind, here are a few pictures of some of the performing experiences she's had recently....

Sophomore Musical Productions:
At the beginning of her sophomore year she was hand selected by the high school theatre teacher to join the newly created sophomore musical productions class. I was hugely impressed with this class...the the things they were learning and experimenting with as 15-16 year olds. And at the end of the semester, rather than a final test they performed a showcase for an audience full of family and friends. I do believe this was Julianne's favorite class of the semester and she was sad to see it end.

Broadway Review:
With her Centrestage Theatre group Julianne performed in January, a full studio Broadway Review....the youngest classes to the oldest, all performing various Broadway songs in full costume and choreography. And then a huge finale at the end...of which Julianne brought the house down with her big solo in "You Can't Stop the Beat" from Hairspray. It was tons of fun to watch. The Advanced Class that Julianne was in, also performed their pared down version of The Little Mermaid that they were taking to the Junior Theatre Festival in Georgia the next week. (See here for pictures from the full performance.)
 Performing The Little Mermaid as Scuttle singing "Human Stuff."

And then doing "America" from West Side Story.

The Advanced Theatre "monkeys" their director calls them. Good and talented kids, all of them.

Julianne isn't the best at taking pictures when she goes on trips and since I did not join the adventure as a chaperone, I have to beg, borrow and steal photos from other people or off social media....

Talent Show:
Every year the high school has an audition-only talent show. Julianne has some friends who have formed a band they call Circle in a Square. They were planning to audition with a cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" and asked Julianne and her vocal chops to join them. She did so somewhat reluctantly at first, not really wanting to add one more thing to her already busy schedule at the time. But Julianne and the band apparently impressed the socks off the judges and landed themselves a prime spot in the talent show. And when all was said and done, Julianne ended up having a great time.

Benefit Concert:
Julianne was asked in April, one of only two sophomores, to perform a couple of numbers in a benefit concert being organized by some senior theatre friends. Though not school related, the organizers got permission to use the high school's little theatre for the show and advertise to the student body. Julianne had a nasty cold and was horribly worried that she was not at 100% vocal quality. But during each evening of dress rehearsals and the two nights of performances, she downed throat coat tea and went out there on stage and did her best. And her best was quite marvelous, actually, cold or no.
She dueted "Written in the Stars" from Aida with her friend Isaac. And then soloed "How Lovely To Be a Woman" from Bye, Bye Birdie.

Hello Dolly:
And then again with Centrestage Theatre, a performance of Hello Dolly with the three oldest classes in the studio in May. Such a fun show with lots of big ensemble numbers and great music.
My dad got a huge kick out of the fact that Julianne was doing Hello Dolly and shared his memories with her of the time he actually saw the show on Broadway back when he was a little boy, with Carol Channing as Dolly...a role actually written for her. Can you imagine what an awesome performance that had to have been? I'm envious...

And I haven't even mentioned the time-consuming school musical, Footloose that she and Rebekah were rehearsing while all of these other performances were going on. (See here for photos.) Julianne certainly keeps herself busy. But boy, it sure does make her happy.

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