Thursday, May 15, 2014

She's an adult?

My oldest baby is not a baby anymore. Not a toddler or a kid. Not a tween. Technically she is still a teenager. But we now need to add another defining law she is now officially considered an adult.
How did that happen?

I thought long and hard as to how to celebrate this milestone birthday, what gifts to purchase. When I asked her what she wanted, she said she didn't really know and directed me to look at her pinterest page for ideas. Sigh. "Don't you want to go shopping for clothes and shoes" I asked her? "Not really" was her answer.
Since when is my daughter apathetic about shopping?

*Luggage, seeing as she is moving away from home in a few months? (Bryan wanted to be in on that purchase and we were out of time for any kind of luggage research.)
*Apartment needs? Like towels or bedding, etc? (But knowing Rebekah, she and her soon to be roommate probably had all sorts of specific color coordinating ideas and plans...)
*An iPad to take to college? (But she already had a smart phone, a lap top, and an real need, or so her daddy said.)

So in desperation I put together a "giving tree." Lots of cash in odds and end bills. Gift cards to her favorite stores and restaurants. Her favorite candy. Some fun scarves. A USU ball cap. And then I hoped that it would be enough.

All that worry for nothing...Rebekah was delighted. Said over and over again how perfect of a gift it was. Even took a picture to show to her friends. Score!

The 18 helium balloons were weighted down by random pictures of Rebekah throughout her life. She seemed to enjoy looking through them.

Early morning birthday breakfast before school. Okay, actually skipping 1st period. Because who wants to get up even earlier than normal on your birthday?

Rebekah's friend (and soon to be roommate) Alyssa put together a surprise party that evening for Rebekah, inviting all of their friends. Bless that girl!

But it is nice to know that even as an adult, my baby can still fall asleep snuggling with her mommy on the couch after her long day....

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