Monday, May 19, 2014

Prom(s) 2014

I was hoping it would happen. Likely it would be the only time that both my girls could formal dress shop together for a dance. It would be Julianne's first and Rebekah's last....but that was only if they both got asked. It was a pretty safe bet that as a senior, Rebekah would. But Julianne was a sophomore and newly 16-years who knew, really?
But they both got asked. The same weekend even. And I have to admit, I was a little giddy at the prospects...

Julianne found THE DRESS at the third store we tried. It matched her personality perfectly and looked beautiful on her.
Rebekah on the other hand, was being a bit more choosy. And maybe rightly so. Supposedly this would be her last Prom, the big one of her senior year. She didn't want to settle. We had heard of a store in Logan with a big selection and decent prices, and normally we wouldn't have driven all that way just on the off chance THE DRESS would be found there. But Rebekah had "A" Day at Utah State University that week so we stopped by. And wouldn't you know it, there it was....THE DRESS! (And can I just say...making the drive to dress shop at this store may be worth it in the future seeing as every single dress in that store had sleeves! No need for modesty alterations! Unheard of!) The only issue was that the dress had to be hemmed. So I made the drive back to Logan again (through Sardine Canyon in a snowstorm, no less) a few days later to pick it up.

The big day came and we were all set with dresses, shoes, and boutonnieres. The girls helped each other with hair and make-up and advice on jewelry options. All I had to do really, was to take pictures. (And pay for everything, of course.)

But don't they look stunning?

Spencer picked Rebekah up first. Though a year younger than Rebekah, the two of them met last summer when they were in the same Pioneer Trek family and became good friends.

And then an hour later, Chase came to pick up Julianne. Chase was a new friend that Julianne had met at school and the two of them had been out before.
 (I especially like the look of extreme concentration on Julianne's face as she tries her hardest to get that darn boutonniere pinned on correctly...)

And the nice thing about social media....I was able to snag some group shots off the internet.

And if that were it, well then wow...what a spectacular Prom season, yes? But it wasn't over. Because a few weeks later Rebekah got asked to another high school's Prom by Aaron, the boy she went to Prom with last year. (See here) Prom hopping...apparently it's a thing. Especially if you have to miss your own or have friends that go to other schools. Neither was the case in this situation, really. I think Aaron and his friend just liked the idea of going. Plus, another chance for him to take Rebekah to one last dance....
This one was a little more low key, thankfully. Rebekah borrowed a dress from a friend. No boutonnieres and corsages. No big day activity...just dinner and the dance, and then a campfire with s'mores afterwards.

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