Monday, May 26, 2014

Senior Cotillion

The last big dance of the year is only for seniors. And every senior is invited to dress up and come...dateless. Purposely I'm sure, so no one feels like they can't come because they weren't asked. A big, last dance a week or so before graduation where all the seniors can enjoy each other's company, let the stress of finals and end of year craziness go...and just dance it out. It is a dress up occasion, so definitely a bigger to-do than some kind of casual Stomp (as we used to call them in high they still call them that?) but not overly formal like Prom or even Homecoming.
These three...Ambree, Rebekah and all dressed and fancied up together, and then met up with a large group of friends for dinner out before the dance. Don't they look pretty?

We bought the dress on a frantic run to the mall (end of year craziness means not much leisure time for dress shopping) and got lucky at the first store we hit. My necklace and Julianne's shoes completed the ensemble. I especially liked the slicked back bun so you could see the the fun cutouts in the back of her dress, and the bright red lipstick that matched her shoes. She looked really pretty and sophisticated to me. Sigh....just one more thing to add to the ever-growing reality check-list that my baby is indeed all grown up.

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