Thursday, September 20, 2012

She has a drivers license.... official one, not just a learners permit.  But our two available vehicles are less than ideal for a newly-licensed-sixteen-year-old driver.  Big Ford F-150 truck.  Or little cherry red stick shift sports car.  Eh.

Plus, like I really want to give up my mode of transportation so Rebekah can drive to school, park there all day and leave me stranded at home?  Nah, don't like that idea at all.

So Bryan and I, unbeknownst to Rebekah, took his lunch break today and went car shopping.  You know how people have companies, stores or services that they frequent?  For example...I have a specific hairdresser, I have a bike store guy.  Some people have a specific grocery store or particular brand of running shoes that they always buy.  Yeah, we have a dealership.  We've now bought 4 cars from them, at least 3 from the same salesman, even.  They know us and like us.  And we've always had a good, stress free experience there.  (Willey Ford in Bountiful.  Seriously, go see them if you need a car!)

So it was of course, the first place we visited.  Looking to buy a used teenager type car, we knew that maybe we'd have to do some more looking around, but we thought we'd at least start with our guy, our dealership....just to get an idea.  The 3rd car he showed us, Bryan was sold.  "I don't really love car shopping," he said.  "This seems like a good deal on a car that would work well for us.  Let's just do it."

So in less than 2 hours we picked out a car, bought it, and drove it off the lot.

When Bryan got home from work this evening, he asked Rebekah if she wanted to practice driving.  She said yes, but then asked, "Which car?  Do I have to drive the red one?"  Bryan smiled and nodded. "Yes, we'll be taking the red one."  (wink, wink)

Rebekah was a little confused as to why I followed her out onto the front porch with the camera.  And to her credit, when she first saw the car, she asked..." it for me?  Or is it a new car for you, Dad?"

And in reality, it isn't necessarily her car.  This 2002 Ford Escape is another household car designated for teenager use.  Julianne will also learn to drive in that car, and they will share it.  But for the time being,'s hers.  And she was delighted.


Jill said...

So cute!

Mary said...

4 wheel drive for winter driving? Looks like a really nice set of wheels. Nice!