Thursday, September 13, 2012

An impromptu outdoor concert

We spent this past Saturday helping my parents move some big and awkward pieces of furniture out of their old house and into the new.  The most unwieldy of them all was of course, the piano.  We removed every removable piece we could in an attempt to make it lighter but the thing still weighed a ton.  And it had to be maneuvered down a flight of stairs!  My dad had offered to hire a professional piano moving company but his sons-in-law swore they could handle it.  And they did....even though it was an immense pain in the you-know-where.  I literally prayed for them and the piano as they made their way to the trailer.  But once on the trailer...well, when else do you get the opportunity to play a few rounds of Heart and Soul in the great outdoors?

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Mary said...

You see, this is why we've never owned a piano. We move to much. Those things are heavy and with every move we would be tempting fate that the thing would be damaged in transit. Maybe now that we're settled we can buy one??? :)