Monday, September 10, 2012

Documented summer craziness

This is what you'd call summer-activities-as-evidenced-from-the-pictures-my-children-were-tagged-in-on-Facebook.  And thankfully they were....because my girls are not quite the obsessive picture taker that I am so I have no pictures of any events that I didn't actually attend with them.  Things like EFY, Girls Camp, Theatre Disneyland trip, Cousin Camp, etc.
So this is more for me and posterity, family history...what have you.  But here they are.

Cousin camp to St. George with his grandparents in June.

Odds and end cute pics with friends....

 EFY....she attended at the University of Utah.  Roomed with friend Nicole from the 'hood.  They had a glorious time.  Julianne pushed her friends to do Retreat for Girls again like they did last year.  But now that they are 14 and old enough to attend EFY, the friends all opted to go where the boys are.  Julianne was rather exasperated with them.  So I laughed really hard when she called home the first day.  "Mom!  The boys are AWESOME!"

The first week of summer Julianne headed to Disneyland for a performing tour as part of the local theatre group that she is involved in.  Besides performing in both Disney and California Adventure, they also got a backstage tour/workshop where they were run through a mock Disneyland performing audition.  Apparently it was great amounts of fun.  Lots of playtime in the parks.  And when you are a teenager, even the long bus rides are fun.  Especially if you are sitting next to a cute boy with really soft hair...  (wink, wink)  

And there was Girls Camp.  Both Julianne and Rebekah attended this one.  This year it was held at Camp Hunt, a boy scout camp primarily devoted to swimming and other such water sports.  So right at arrival, the girls had to pass a swim check!  Sounds like a very unique but fun girls camp.  
Apparently both girls completely zonked out on the church lawn while waiting for the trailer to be unloaded after arriving back in town.

Like Brandon, Rebekah and Julianne both went to St. George for cousin camp...but a different week specifically designed for the girl cousins.

Rebekah had a second girls camp to attend this summer....this one just for the Laurels, the young women 16-18.  (Rebekah is the 2nd from the left in grey.)  Rebekah raved about this trip.  I think it was a serious faith builder.  
(And in this pic...the 2nd from the right in turquoise.)

 Rebekah, our water baby, also went boating every chance she got with friends.  And learned to do all sorts of water sports that I can only dream about.
 (She apparently also really likes to jump....)

Season passes to Lagoon.  Not the family.  Just her.  Isn't it nice that she has friends that can drive?  They went weekly and I only had to drop her off a couple of times.

Rock climbing with the youth from the neighborhood....

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