Friday, September 14, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday: Sleepy Kaden

I pretty much took the summer off from my Favorite Photo Friday series.  It wasn't a conscious kind of just happened.  Because of a computer that was MIA for a few months, I didn't have easy access to a lot of my older pictures.  Nor was my scanner working which meant I couldn't use even older pictures that I did have access to because there was no way to get them from scrapbook to computer.'s back!  Feel free to do a little happy dance if you wish. (Ha!)

May 2, 2009

This my youngest sister "Aunt Rachel" who loves all of her nieces and nephews "thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!!!"  (You'll have to imagine the outstretched arms that goes along with this pronouncement).  And this baby is my sister Mary's little Kaden.  A mom and sisters trip to St. George is the backdrop for this setting in May of 2009.  Rachel, a newlywed in Cedar City, was due to move to Atlanta with her husband the next month.  So we flew Mary and Kaden in from Texas and and road-tripped our way down to St. George, picking up Rachel on the way to spend some girly time together before the big departure.  We made an impromptu visit to Kiddie Kandids to get some portraits of the five of us and while we were there little Kaden tuckered out in Aunt Rachel's arms....right before my eyes (or camera lens, as the case may be). As fast as I could take the pictures...that's literally how fast he fell asleep.

Mary, Kaden and the rest of their family live in Idaho now.  Much closer than Texas, so though I don't see them as often as I wish, it's still not too many months in between visits.  But Rachel continues on in Atlanta while her husband finishes up pharmacy school.  And I'm missing her tremendously today.

(And yes...that is my dad standing outside the window in the blue shirt.  It being a girls weekend notwithstanding, these were his he decided to tag along.)        


Mindy said...

That is awesome that you captured that. Rachel looks a lot like you.

Mary said...

Ah, my sweet little baby Kaden. What happened? Now he's all grown up and spunky as ever. Great pictures.