Friday, June 3, 2011

Lilian is 4!

The first thing out of Lilian's mouth when she woke up this morning: "Am I officially 4 now???"
Yes, our Lilian is 4 years old today.
Getting to know my Miss Mae a little bit better....

Favorite color: "My favorite color is pink and purple and blue."
Favorite TV show: "Micky Mouse...I mean Max and Ruby AND Mickey Mouse."
Best friend: "My best friend is Julianna."
Favorite food: "My favorite food is chocolate and Salt City Hamburgers. And also I like to eat snow!!!"
Favorite toy: "My favorite toy is a bike and my scooter."
Favorite thing to do: "Play house with my friends. I love to go to friend's houses and church. I also like to pick flowers. But I won't pick OUR flowers." {"Are you writing that down, Mom?"}

I can also tell you that she is a social butterfly and will make conversation with anyone, anywhere. She has serious wanderlust in her quest to find friends available for play. She's a night owl and quite frequently does not go to bed till 10:30 PM...which means she usually sleeps in till past 9:30 AM. She has a pretty serious sweet tooth. (But NO cavities, thankfully!) She sings constantly and picks up lyrics to radio songs after only hearing the song once. Her favorites lately.... "Rumor Has It" by Adele and "Straight To You" by Josh Groban. She's also been known to sing Beyonce and Katy Perry. She's independent and strong willed...but also cuddly and sensitive and generous.

Though today is her actual birthday, we did some extended family celebrating on Memorial Day...a celebration that she shared with her cousin Dalton who was also having a birthday this week.
After opening her gifts, a few of her cousins pointed her in the direction of one more wrapped present. Unbeknownst to her...after she had unloaded a particular gift bag, Brandon had somehow folded his body as small and tightly as he could back into it and enlisted the aid of his cousins to cover him up with tissue paper. Lilian truly thought she had one more gift to open. Oh the surprise when she unwrapped her brother!

We were able to bribe all 13 grandkids into a photo shoot with promises of cake and icecream when they were done. It took quite a few shots and some seriously funny faces from Grandpa to get the kids to all pay attention but we finally got one picture with everyone at least looking in the right direction.
A "Tangled"/Rapunzel themed friend party with 10 of her little neighbor friends is planned for this next Monday. Wish me luck!


Mindy said...

So cute! I can't believe she is 4 already. That went by really fast. But just think, if you had followed our plan she would be 7, hehe!

Sarah said...

Yeah....I know. :) Sometimes I think about that. Sorry I pulled out of our plan...but apparently it was just meant to be this way. Still, I am envious that you have ALL your kids in school full time now.

DisabilityDiva said...

Awww what a cutie! She is a darling talented 4 year old! Enjoy the party!!