Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sadie Hawkins 2016

Sadie Hawkins at our high school is a themed girls choice dance. I'm not sure what it is with themed dances...seems like if you are not dressing up formally (as in the case of Homecoming, Christmas and Prom) the attire is a costume of some sort. Halloween is obviously the biggest, over the top costume dance...but both Sweethearts and Sadies are themed dances which have the kids coming up with matching attire of some sort.

The theme for Sadie Hawkins this year was something to do with paradise and travel. Julianne asked Logan to be her date, a boy who she has known since junior high. He's on the track team and is Dart Man, the school mascot. They've been friends since junior high school and though he had asked her out a few times before, she could never go. So this was their first date.

Because Sadies always falls during end of term and other such craziness, I told Julianne I'd go shopping for matching vacation/Hawaiian type shirts. After roaming around Kohls and Target and sending Julianne texts with potential options, I hit the jackpot at Walmart. Stereotypical Hawaiian floral, and cheap. And while I was debating on what size Logan might be, I lucked out again when in walked a few friends of Julianne's, (searching for Sadies shirts themselves), one of whom knew Logan very well and was able to give me sizing advice.

The day activity was an Iron Chef type of evening. The group consisting of 7 or so couples, split into two group at our house, one at another house a few doors down the street. From a jar they randomly chose slips of paper which informed them which main course, side dish and dessert they were to prepare and then they headed to the grocery store. While cooking, the various couples went to the other house and did "commercials"...also randomly picked from strips of paper in a jar. Considering most of them were theatre kids, the commercials were rather creative and hilarious. I enjoyed being a fly on the wall and watching all this craziness unfold. After the cooking was complete, the group at our house headed to the other where the courses were judged and then consumed.

The next night they had their pictures taken over at the nearby train station which went along really well with the travel/paradise sort of theme. Pizza for dinner and some games afterwards bookended the dance. Julianne said the dance got all sorts of crazy and she and Logan did a bunch of moshing in the pit. Julianne likes to dance hard. I think a good time was had by all.

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