Friday, March 18, 2016


Bryan teaches a lot of computer classes. And don't ask me really what kind because I'm not entirely sure? Operating systems...linux, and you know...stuff. Lots of things, really. He's always writing courseware for new classes to teach. And he teaches all over the place. On-site for some client in another state, in his own local office which includes multiple classrooms to accommodate various class sizes and needs. Or often lately, on-line. Most of the time he teaches these on-line classes with students logging in from all over the country, (or even the world sometimes), at his office. But occasionally he'll have some very strange time zone he has to teach that has him lecturing from 8:00 PM-4:00 AM or something crazy like that. And in those cases, he'll teach from home. But then usually we're asleep during most of it. This week, he's been teaching central time zone. Which means he starts teaching at 7:00 AM our time. Early for sure, but not horribly so. And on Monday he did teach from the office. But then decided that evening, why not teach from home? Class finishes up around 3:00, right when our children are just coming home from the house is pretty quiet.

So the past four days I've had Bryan lecturing from our front computer room/den...while I worked on my own computer, while I cooked, while I did laundry, while I watched The Bachelor finale. (Yes, I watched it. First time ever. Julianne sucked me in to the last few episodes of this season and so help me, I actually got curious enough to see who won. Don't judge...I'm embarrassed enough as it is.) 

While I type this Bryan is sitting next to me at our shared desk lecturing what sounds more or less like greek to me. I don't understand a bit of it. But I tell you what, it's been rather fun to have him home. I've had to be a bit more aware of noise so as to not disrupt his class. Headphones when I watch a video on my computer. Earbuds with my phone when wanting to listen to music while I do chores around the house. Mad dashes for the land line when it rings. Going into another room if I'm making a phone call. Worries about how loud the disposal, mixer, microwave, or vacuum might be. (Realistically, Bryan says none of those have been an issue. Well...I haven't actually tried the vacuum. My guess is that probably would be a bit of a noisy problem.) But overall, it's been a really good week.

I hope he decides to teach from home again soon....


Mindy said...

That's hilarious you got sucked into Bachelor this season because the same thing happened to me :) So now I have someone else to talk to about it besides my girls :) Lunch soon?

Shauna said...

Kevin doesn't like working from home because he says there are so many distractions. But honestly, I just love having him here, even if he is in online meetings all day. It's just nice to know he's in the house. And then we get to have lunch together. :-)