Friday, April 1, 2016

"April Fools!"

We're not practical jokers, really. April Fools Day is not a holiday we tend to do much with other than go through the day with a healthy dose of skepticism regarding anything we read on-line or hear on the radio, etc.

But ten years ago today Bryan and I played an April Fools joke on his family. It was a simple one. Just a quick email to them all with a message that went something like this, "Well, Sarah's mom got pregnant on an IUD. Like mother, like daughter...."

Brandon, our youngest, had just turned 5-years old. We'd been pretty open about the fact that we were done having children. And it was somewhat common knowledge within the family that I had an IUD. So an announcement that I was pregnant would look like a really big, "Whoops!" And it did. We immediately got all sorts of phone calls and emails from Bryan's family...resulting in a hearty "April Fools!"

But the joke was on us. Because just a few months later, I started to feel like maybe there really was another baby meant to come to our family. Bryan and I decided that despite the big age gap that would result, we'd try for one more. And then when we found out we were expecting and told everyone....they didn't believe us.

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Julie DeMille said...

Joke's on you! :) But what an adorable 'joke' she is.