Friday, April 15, 2016

Here we go again

He got his learners permit on the first try...he was very pleased. I guess it pays to study up a bit. I made him take a picture because I made his sisters do the same thing. And you know, traditions. He didn't seem to mind...

I'm torn. I love the idea that he is getting closer to being able to drive himself to gymnastics. Because I have been making the drive to and from Bountiful at least once if not twice, every. single. day. For many years. And it's getting old.

But teaching teenagers to drive is not my favorite thing to do. Truth be told, I'd kind of rather potty train a toddler, as strange as that sounds.

But Brandon is excited. So bring on the 40 mandated, parent supervised, practice hours. Here we go!

 Rebekah is driving
Another one driving

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