Monday, February 23, 2015


The phone rang at 7:15 this morning. It didn't wake me up, being a Monday morning I had already said goodbye to Julianne and was heading down the stairs to wake Brandon. But that was still pretty early for a phone call. The only thing I could imagine was that Julianne had forgotten a piece of homework or some other such thing for school.
It was the dentist office.
Aww, crap.
Brandon had an appointment this morning at 7:00. And though it was on my calendar, Brandon and I had talked about it coming up (and how awful it was to be so early...I was planning to just wear my pajamas), and had confirmed the appointment multiple times via phone call and email...I still somehow forgot.
But that's not the worst part. This was a make-up appointment. The first one was over Thanksgiving weekend. I had made the appointment a year earlier at his last check-up....but then didn't write it down because I had not bought my new 2014 calendar yet. It was in my phone, and that likely would've been enough.
Except we hopped on a last minute cruise over Thanksgiving week. And my phone was not receiving any service in the middle of the Caribbean. So I did not get the calendar reminder or the voice messages from the dentist office informing me that I had missed my appointment until after we docked in Florida a few days later.
When I got home I rescheduled. For today.
I'm not normally this scatter brained when it comes to appointments. I've never done this before and suddenly I've done it twice!
The other day when checking out at the grocery store I was asked for my home phone number that was attached to the frequent shopper program....and I couldn't remember. I had to look it up in my contact list on my cell phone.
A few days before that I couldn't get into my truck because I had forgotten the key code.
I'm trying to decide if I'm having brain freezes, senior moments or if my blonde roots are making an appearance.
Luckily for Brandon, they had a cancellation tomorrow at 12:15. The reminder alarm on my phone is already set....

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