Thursday, February 26, 2015

Browsing Pinterest

Pinterest is an interesting website.

I resisted getting an account for a long time. I'd heard others bemoan how addicting the site was and knowing how dependent I already was on other social media sites (Facebook, I'm looking at you), the last thing I needed was another time waster.

But I was also finding myself bookmarking recipes and saving quotes and pictures of cool DIY crafts or home designs to my desktop often. I was constantly trying to find ways to organize it all, when I finally realized, isn't that what Pinterest is for?

So I signed up...and hoped to develop some self control if the site did prove to be overly alluring.

That was a few years ago. And amazingly (and thankfully) it has become more of a tool than a time waster. Recipes are probably what I use it for the most. But Pinterest has helped me come up with multiple ideas for birthday celebrations, holiday decor, hairstyles, craft projects, etc. I use Pinterest as a research tool, more or less...I can't believe how handy it is.

Oh, there are definitely times that I sit down to browse just for the sheer fun of it. It's interesting to see what the people I follow (my neighbors and friends) are pinning because in many cases it gives me a pretty good idea as to what they are up to. Kind of like people watching, but virtually.

For example:
     I could tell from her pins that I had a neighbor that was looking to build a new home long before she put her house in our neighborhood up for sale.
     This morning I saw pins from a couple of girls of Jane Austen hairstyles and laughed as I realized it is because they are both in the upcoming play at the high school where they will be performing Pride and Prejudice. Clearly they are trying to figure out how to do their hair for the show.
     I can tell when a holiday is coming up....Elf on the Shelf and neighbor gift/craft pins at Christmas, homemade valentines when someone has an elementary age child around Valentines Day, Halloween costumes, etc.
     I can tell when someone is trying to get in shape because they pin more exercise routines and ideas for diets.
     Someone in the mood to bake pins a lot cake, cookies and other such desserts recipes.
     Romantic and wedding type pins...lots of hearts and temples,  show up when someone is happily in a relationship.
     And quotes...always quotes. Depending on the type of quote, I can usually get the gist of what kind of mood they are in, what they are wishing to be better at, how they are feeling.

And I'm sure the same goes for me. People can tell when I'm in a wanderlust mood and yearning for a vacation because I pin lots of pictures and travel quotes to my vacation bucket list board. It likely becomes really obvious when I'm planning a birthday party. Or when the yogini in me is resurfacing after a few months off. A few times a month a bunch of recipes show up as I try to figure out new things to cook for family dinners. And by the quotes I pin, I'm sure I'm opening a little window as to what is on my mind at that particular moment.

Some examples of what I've pinned recently:

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Julie DeMille said...

I love pinterest. I'm not as disciplined as you. It's a serious time waster for me.