Thursday, February 5, 2015

FanX-Comic Con

Bryan and I attended the very first Salt Lake Comic Con back in September 2013. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly...or rather, I enjoyed the crazy forms fandom takes while Bryan enjoyed watching me geek out.

Though Comic Con has come to Salt Lake City on average every six months since then, (why is that, by the way? Isn't once a year enough?) we haven't been back, even though I've wanted to. (Oh, how I regret not being there for the big Star Trek: The Next Generation reunion when all the actors from the show were there together.) But when I heard this time that not only Karen Gillian aka Amy Pond and Billie Piper aka Rose Tyler were attending but Matt Smith, my very favorite Doctor in the Doctor Who universe, I decided that come hell or high water I was going to make this happen!

(The Ghostbuster noticed that Lilian was sporting a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver and asked if he could swap her the sonic screwdriver for the P.K.E. Meter...)

Much to the disappointment of my other children, Lilian was the only one who could come with me. Bryan and Brandon were in Texas that weekend for a gymnastics meet. Julianne had opening night for her One Act Play Festival at the high school. And Rebekah was of course up in Logan.

(Weeping Angels are some of the freakiest Doctor Who alien baddies and Lilian has had many a nightmare of the stone monsters. Heck, so have I! I think maybe that is why she is so obsessed with them that she requested a Weeping Angel t-shirt...and followed this Angel around the convention floor for quite awhile getting up the courage to ask for a picture.
Also...despite the fact that we were going to be seeing Matt Smith in person, Lilian informed me that her favorite Doctor is actually number 10, David Tennant.)

So Lilian and I decked ourselves out in Doctor Who attire and joined the fandom going strong at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City. Lilian wore a weeping angel t-shirt ("Don't Blink!!"), a weeping angel necklace and TARDIS hair bows. I wore TARDIS earrings, TARDIS socks, a "bow ties are cool" button, a red fez and a Van Gogh exploding TARDIS dress.

Two things...
1. I couldn't keep count of how many times I overheard people talking about my dress or was actually stopped so someone could look more closely at it, compliment it and ask where in the world I had bought it. It was "unique" and "epic." Yay me.
2. If you are completely lost at my description of our Doctor Who wear, then clearly you are not a Whovian and need to get on Netflix today and start watching.

We were sad to miss out on the opportunity to have a photo op with the Doctor, Amy and Rose. Despite the ridiculously high price, they were sold out. Do I even want to admit how seriously I was considering it? My wallet and my husband are very thankful, I'm sure. But we were able to score some tickets to the Doctor Who panel with the three of them. (Nowhere near as expensive, thankfully.) And the panel was ridiculously fun! Lilian was a little tired and bored by then, but I sure had a great time geeking out with my fellow fez and bow tie wearing Doctor Who fans.

Lilian's favorite part of the Con was the Creature Encounter booth. Lots of snakes, big and small and other such creepy crawlies like tarantulas, beetles and scorpions to hold. I tried to get my courage up to wrap the huge snake around my neck. It's no secret that they are my worst fear. But I liked the adventure of it all and wanted to be able to say, "I did it!" Also to creep my dad out because he hates snakes even more than I do. But I couldn't. I could not do it. Lilian had no such problem. She held every snake, the big and the small. And I'm proud to say I got close enough to actually touch them which didn't even result in the heeby jeebie dance. So those who know me can be impressed that I am getting better.

I couldn't hold the snakes, but I could hold the huge tarantula. Which apparently is equally impressive if not more so than holding an enormous snake? It wasn't a big deal to me, but I'm discovering that people who mock me for my fear of snakes tend to have an equal fear of spiders. To each his own, I suppose. So there! I am brave!

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