Saturday, October 5, 2013

Electric Run

Another 5k...similar to the Color Run we did in August in that it is a themed run, more about atmosphere and fun rather than a new PR. We swapped out Lilian for Brandon this time. And when at the last minute Rebekah had to work and couldn't join us, we gave her registration to my nephew Dalton so he could come with his mom, my sister Katie, who had already planned on running with us.

The race was created by the guy that started Ragnar, so we already knew it would be impressive and well organized. It started at 8:00 at night, just when it was getting dark. The whole course was lit up with various themes of light, glow in the dark, neon and black lighting....along with thumping music to keep you putting foot to pavement. We covered ourselves in as much lit up, glowing paraphernalia as we could find. Thank heavens for the Dollar Store and their large selection of glow sticks, yes? It was rather fascinating to see all the various ways people tried to light themselves up like neon Christmas trees.

We ran. And walked even more. (Julianne preferred to skip and dance her way through the course.) And stopped a lot for photo ops. And wished mightily that the cameras on our phones could truly capture the awesomeness.

For some reason the producers of the reality show "The Bachelor" decided that the Electric Run would be an ideal date for their bachelor of the season, Juan Pablo. He brought his date, Kat and ran the thing with us all. Which meant that the race started a good 40 minutes late as we waited for the Bachelor and his camera crew to show up. The race organizers ran us through a bunch of practice sessions so we could hoot and holler and jump up and down on cue so as to look good for the cameras. And at the finish line party they were handing out even more various lit-up stuff to wave around in the air...also I'm guessing, to be all the more impressive looking of a crowd for the TV viewing audience. We were treated to not only a few words from Juan Pablo himself when he and Kat finally got the stage...but also one of those famous rose ceremonies. Sorry if I'm seeming a bit sarcastic....I've never really been a fan of The Bachelor or it's twin show, The Bachelorette.
Sarcasm aside, I must admit that it was actually somewhat exciting. I'll definitely make sure to watch that particular episode seeing as I ended up being a part of it. And Julianne? She actually IS a fan of The Bachelor and knew exactly who Juan Pablo was. So she was beyond giddy! It was entertaining for me just to watch her excitement. Poor Rebekah....already sad about missing the 5k, she was even more disappointed to miss Juan Pablo and all The Bachelor excitement.

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Heidi said...

How do you hear about these things? You guys are so fun!